Here are the results of Enquete #1 - who is your favourite PF character?

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The most voted for Psychic Force Character is...Emilio Michaelov with 24 votes! (38%)
Most Popular Attack - Arch Angel, 17 votes
Votes in Total = 63

Emilio analysis

Why People like him                              - Cannot Decide (7 votes)
                                                            - Looks, Physical Appearance (7 votes)
                                                            - The psychic element this character wields (5 votes)
                                                            - Attacks (3 votes)
                                                            - Personality (2 votes)
%%Remarks/comments on Emilio%%
* He scares me in the English version. How could they replace Minami
      Takayama's godly voice acting with THAT!?!! *dies* / He rocks, I love his wings, he's prettier than the girls in
      2010. XDDD (Kurama: I don't think I want to hear the English dub at all!  Luckily they never dubbed the 2012 game)
* He's!!!! / HIS WINGS ARE......SUGOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* he's cute / REALLY cute. emilio 2012
* he is soo evangelion like i love him he iis kind and evil all in one PLUss
       i love angel wings / yep he has a gay voice
* hes just soooooooooooooo cute, especialy with his wings. looks so innocent / i hope that theres more info bout
      him. hes one of my favs, aside from kurama  (Kurama: Thank you!  Everyone: Not YOU, Kurama the page maintainer!  This
        person is talking about the REAL Kurama~)
* I don´t like when they say that emilio is a girl!!!!!
* he rules:) / He rules even more!
* Hmm...well, light is my "lucky element" in games so I picked him. Plus,
      he's kinda fun to draw. ^.~ /  His hair color is the same as Harry McDougal's, from Outlaw Star...I just
      noticed that...
* i like the guy and his attacks and his element, i wanna be him dammit / he rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* I like every thing about him. / He is CUTE CUTE CUTE
* I like Emilio's gold color / I like what he says during an attack

Kurama: It seems that Emilio's looks and physical appearance is a very important factor.
Let's take a look at this particular element.

2010 Emilio
He looks like a kid here, because he is. ^_^  
Left: Emilio crying, with Wendy beside him facing Burn.

Right: Preparing an Arch Angel Attack.

2012 Emilio
Emilio having a headache after shaking off the effects of being brainwashed.
Emilio : "Are you all right, Wendy?"
Little Emilio, all grown up and taller than Wendy now. ^_^;;  Still like a little brother to Wendy?  I don't know.

Gold VS Silver Emilio - Emilio's Final Battle

"Who really won the battle?  Gold or Silver Emilio?" 

Hmm...his 2012 appearance is relatively more popular because of his 'bishonen' status here.
Green hair, good sense of fashion, slim figure, boyish features, and luminous wings definitely are plus points. I suppose 'split personalities' help by giving him added expressions - sinister smiles, psychotic laughters etc.

Interesting fact: Be it that Emilio is given bonus points by many female fans for his looks and physical appearance, there is quite a number of male PF fans who throw him a vote.

Number of guys who voted for Emilio: 10

Arch-Angel analysis:

Here are screencaps from the game.  The Arch Angel is the final attack for Emilio, his strongest attack.  He shoots a gigantic beam at his opponent, causing big damage if they get hit.
Arch Angel still looks like a giant laser beam no matter how I look at it.
A cross of light appears on Emilio's back during the attack, which gives him an image of being 'crucified' by light, and in an ironic sense, Emilio is entrapped and somewhat condemned by his own powers of light.  Possessing such powers, his mother tried to kill him (for being 'different').  Gentle in nature and afraid of fighting, he loses his mind and control of his own powers in 2010 when reminded of his traumatic childhood experience. (OVA-based)
But in 2012, he becomes a cold-hearted, sadistic fighter who sees blood as a pretty colour...

"Hikari o" is what he says during the attack itself, meaning "light".


Other Characters Ranking:
Character Votes
#2 Keith Evans 12 (20%)
#3 Burn Griffiths (Or Gliffis, Japanese spelling)  8  (13%)
#4 Might  4  (7%)
#5  Sonia, Wendy Ryan  3  (5%)
#7 Richard Wong 
     Patricia Myers 
     Carlo Belfond
 2  (3%)
#10 Regina Belfond 
      Brad Kilsten (Kirsten) 
 1  (2%)
Burn and Keith made it 2 and 3rd place respectively.  Anything to do with this picture? :D
(just kidding. ^_^)

Some interesting comments/remarks made (no particular order, random):

Keith Evans
) he's a bit obsessed with Burn...^^
) Hmm.. He has the best poses! / I can't seem to remember ever seeing his teeth..
) He's cool (no pun intended) and kicks major ass!
) Sexy. oO
) White haired guys are always the coolest and most powerful / He has depth, a
       villian needs depth in order to be a good one
) Keith is just plain KOOL

Burn Griffiths
       reminds me of zell... with sooped-up hair >BBBBB
) Kakoi------!!! ^_^
) he values freedom and justice and never gives up until then
) He have a damn good outfit!!!!

) Teddy Bear of Love! And, I like his personality. (Kurama: Hahaha,  I know who you are ^_~)

Wendy Ryan
) Wendy is a very cute!^_^ girl^.^ and I really like her power! WIND~D (Kurama: I know
        who you are too....)
) She has pink hair to, which is cool
) No comment; I just like her
) I've always had a thing for bioroids with blue hair
Richard Wong
) He's evil. ^_^
) Good bless Evil and Time

Carlo Belfond
) I think he's cute :)
) I still think he's cute :)

Regina Belfond
) As I friend of mine said, ''She has a Monster Booty."

Interesting tidbits:
31 guys ; 28 gals ; 5 unknown.
Same gender as voted character: 36
Different gender as voted character: 25
I-don't-know gender as voted character: 2

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