Enquete 2 results: 


Most people think that Might's father is not in the game.  This is a pretty reasonable explanation, since there was absolutely no mention of his father in the game. 
Oh, and one thing - Might's father doesn't neccessary have to be Patty's husband ^o^ 

The highest scoring candidates are as follows: 

1st Place : Emilio 
2nd Place: Wong 
3rd Place: Might/Another character not mentioned above 

That's a surprise - why Emilio? 
Kurama here will try his best to present possible explanations for all the possible top 3 pairings.
<- Candidate # 1.....@_@
In Emilio's battle with Patty (Story Mode), he find her singing pretty and wants her to sing more. 
Conclusion: He appreciates Patty's singing.  Singing is a common bond between them - In the OAV, young Emilio was singing before Burn intruded into his privacy by commenting positively on his voice. (Ooo...fanfic-writing material~)

Emilio: This song...you sang it...?

Emilio: Sing more for me....won't you?
Kurama: Interestingly enough, this particular like for singing also is from his 'gentle side', which makes people wonder that there may be some humanity in him yet.  I call this - 'fanfic writing material'. ^o^

In his story, he wins, and says this : Not singing anymore?  Boring...

Age wise - Emilio is 16 while Patty is 15.  No problem there. 

Well, essentially, there's nothing to show that Emilio knew Patty before their battle though.  Not that they need to know each other before the battle.  And if we go according to Patty's story, Emilio is effectively dead (it seems)...but oh well.  Emilio is proof that looks do matter ^_^;  Green hair and blue hair goes well together, eh?  (both being pretty impossible hair colours in Our World) 

Big question number 2.  Emilio and Might - I don't see the similarity...do you? (except they both look good ^O^ )

2nd Place: Wong
Wong-wise, everyone knows he transported Might from the future and has something to do with Might's cloning.  He does have a valid reason to be Might's father or creator in that sense.
Wong: Might, I am your father. *adjusts glasses and grin*
Might: NOOOooOOO!!!!  It can't be!!  *drives lightsaber into Wong*
Wong: *dies*
Kurama: *is pushed off a cliff by Star Wars fans for such a lame joke, then killed by Wong fans for killing Wong*

3rd place: Might:
Scene above takes place right after he kills Wong.  Oh well.  All 3 dies.  (Wong at least in the present 'time' - is dead)
Might: Patty....no, Mother!

Okay.  This is probably why people both accept and not accept the Might/Patty pairing.  It is established in the beginning of the story that they are both very good friends.  Then in the end they are related.  Come to think of it, if Clone Might is Might's father, then that could be why they look the same.  But then again there's the problem of which came first - Clone Might or Might, and how they came into being....which is just a chicken and egg question.....right.  I'm not going to pull my hair out over that. ^_^;;  I'll leave it as it is and plug in a few more screencaps to see how compatible looking these two are.

.....I can't think of any funny conversation for them right now....>_<

<--Very official picture
Awwww....a hedgehog and a mop.  Just kidding. ^_^  This is a very sweet piccie from the opening.

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