Psychic Force Original Animation Video

The OAV is based on the 2010 series, 
focusing mainly on the story of 
Burn Griffiths and Keith Evans.  

This OAV is approximately slightly over an hour, to me. There's 2 episodes, and one epsode is about half an hour.  

The DVD is much more interesting since there are interviews of the voice actors and actresses, as well as some fun stuff you should find out yourself. ^_^

If you like the 'relationship' going between Burn and Keith, yaoi or yaoi-gags, this is a fun show.

I didn't regret buying the DVD, at least.  honestly, I nearly died laughing over the question and answer session that was held at some kind of radio show convention or something, between Seki, Kyousei and Ohnuki (the official illustrator).

Well, see what I mean?  
This show is incredibly sappy, and not for people who just want action, action and more action.  However, I find it likeable because it's easy to comprehend and easy to watch compared to other fighting-games-made-into-OAV OAVs.

Oh, in my humble opinion, Keith's lines are very much like the typical anime female character, especially in the scene to my right. @_@  I nearly fell off the floor I was sitting on when he said that 'gomen yo'.  but I liked it. ^_^  Call me wierd.

If I am to describe what the OAV is like, it is the Asian version of X-men for the younger generation. ^_^

Oh, and the features available on the DVD are the English and Chinese subtitling.  

I recommend watching the whole show WITHOUT
subtitles if you are able to understand some Japanese.
Or go for the Chinese subtitles.  If you're in a serious mood.

If not, then go ahead and watch the English subtitles.

Anyway, in both version, they changed Emilio's name into Emily.  A horrible starking mistake as Emilio's name ia basically on his bedroom doorplate.  And when the subtitles state 'Emily', I was banging my head on the TV.

I'll come up with the full list of how the names are subtitled soon.  But just to satisfy some of your curiousity, Keith Evans became Chris Yabonce, and Gates became Giggy......@_@
I assume that the subtitling was all done by listening to the OAV in raw Japanese, and is definitely not done by someone who plays the game. 

Keith Evans is pronounced as 'Kissu Ebansu' in Japanese. (key-suu air-bun-su in english?)  So the mistake can be quite logical.  But Gates (Gettsu/ Gay-ee-tsu) as Giggy?
No way dude....

Well, as a general review, I suggest that you should at least watch the OAV once if you're a Psychic Force fan.  Watch it for the interviews, the 2012 advertisements, the voice seiyuus, whatever.  
The OAV does help me understand some of the story a bit.  This is a story of friendship and trust, or whatever you want to intepret it as.  Even the voice actors and illustrator themselves aren't sure actually.  

Just beware, Keith's coolness will totally shatter.   
Especially those who only played the 2012 version of the game.

Well, I'll comment more and put up more screencaps when I have more time. (and hopefully have an access to someone's DVD player)  

Oh yeah, I bought the DVD even though I don't have a DVD player or easy access to one...^_^;;;

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