Woah~  A gift from Matsunaga Miku-san of Microcosm!^_^
It is the first time I'm getting a pressie from a Japanese artist; I feel so honoured!  Thank you lots, Matsunaga-san!
An extremely cute and lovable illustration of Emilio and Wendy~  Like the clothes, cute hats! :D
Emilio and Wendy can  be a really wonderful pairing at times (from different angles?). ^-^
Very much appreciated and many thanks!
オオ~! はじめてですよ、日本artistからのプレゼント!~
すごく可愛いよ、 このウエンディとエミリオ イラスト!
学生のような ふたり  (着物のせいでしょう)
時々、このカープル が 絶美そうと思う。*笑*