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English pages 
Psychiker's Sanctuary Based on PF 2010.  Quite technical, a useful page for opinions of individual characters, especially fighting-wise, for the english version on PS.
The Psychic Force Shrine Closed Temporarily
Tsubasa Ozora's Homepage Has a nice big section for PF links (under 'other links'), and a small page for PF stuff as well. (under 'The Field of Dreams, Miscellanous)

Japanese Pages 
The webmistress (Luna Minazuki-san) likes Emilio a lot.^_^  Wonderful fanarts too.  Emilio fans, go check out her analysis on Emilio~
Pro-Burn x Keith. A small page with nice fanart.  Has a nice feel to it. 
Lots of lovely fanart...
Burn x Keith Webring Anti-yaoi fans, you know when to keep out, do you?^_^
Quite a lot of stuff on PF.^_^ There's a psychiccer type test.  Also, there's doujinshi info. Lots of little PF games as well, like 'how many can you click on the little Burns that pop up'.  Highly recommended fan-based page. 
A supporter for the Burn x Keith pairing as well.
Can't find the site, most probably taken down ;_;
A page with lots of cosplay photos.^_^  Including lots of PF cosplaying, of course. LINK UPDATED!
Hikaru no Spectral, I assume.^_^  Has quite some stuff to navigate around. The owner of the Emilio Ring.
The page has moved, but not stated to where...still in search of it
Pro-Burn x Keith. 
I strongly recommend the 'Comic' section.  Very funny and cute.
Pro-Keith x Sonia.
Keith's Tea Party.^_^  Nice galleries, interesting analysis of characters.  Also has a FF9 section.  Besides, she linked to me ^_^...heheh...
Kyousei Island Not exactly PF-related...Tsukui Kyousei's webpage. (he's Keith's seiyuu) 
Oh, if you can't find your way around in this page, try here.
Cute and humourous page, has a PF section in the fanart gallery (click the links in the top frame and you'll find it), and a section for PF links as well. 
Most of the PF stuff are gone, but the links are still there...
Nice illustrations in the gallery, now I wonder when the webmistress wil put the Psychic Force Section back on...
Official site of Ohnuki Kenichi.  He's the official illustrator for PF 2010, 
the puzzle game and the character designer for the OVA.
Old Gaul City Earth Nice gallery of PF fanarts (and other series) by the page owner...a bunch of sections are gone, though~ There used to be some more sections on PF...
Link Updated!
Fanart, fanfics, and a goods database!
PSYCHIC FORCE web ring Need I say more?
I like the 'oops not there' picture of Setsuna! ^_^ 
That aside, this page has fanart, fanfics.
Psychic Storm Pro-Wendy x Emilio page.  But it seems that only the fanart gallery is up and working.
Illustrations and funny 4-komas/comics.  And general info on PF as well.^_^ 
Frequently updated page that has a lot of PF goodies to look at.
Richard Wong FAN RING Obvious.  Umm...for the Wong obsessed?
TAITO The company that started it all...^_^  Official TAITO page.
Zuntata Records Taito music site Z-field.  That's what the heading is....^_^  Basically, a site about and with news of Zuntata, who made the BGMs for PF.