A short introduction to what Psychic Force is -

Shortcut to the Story/intro to Psychic Force.


Psychic Force.

Okay, so it's a game.  A fighting game you can find in old arcades nowadays (the new ones took the machines out!  Darn!), also available for Playstation and Dreamcast.  I'm playing the PS version - the graphics ain't that hot (compared to DC), but PF 2 gives you all your PF2010 characters in the game.  That's what I call fun!^_^

The current products out for Psychic Force:

CDs by Zuntata...(I don't know how many, but they are quite easily available in your nearest HMV or Tower Records)

The OAV - based on Psychic Force 2010, it's really good for a game-based OAV since most of the
others I saw had too complicated or consfusing storyline and couldn't depict characters well in shows...  I only have a video of it subbed in chinese.
Anyone want to give me a VCD version?

The OVA soundtrack (with 3 songs and 3 karaoke versions)
-Probably not worth your money getting it but definitely worth mine.  I'm desperately trying to get my hands on it...if you've a copy you don't want, sell it to me! 

Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen
Based on PF 2010 as well, I want to get it~!!!!!! I just couldn't.  Someone teach me a way to get it.  Please?!

Of course, the Psychic Force games - Psychic Force 2010 and Psychic Force 2012/Psychic Force 2.
I've PF2 on Playstation........

Psychic Force - The story

Some explanations - Psychic Force is a game where your characters all have psychic ablities- for example,
Might's Psychic ability is Lightning, Emilio's is Light and so forth so on.
Well, here's a brief overview of the story:

Psychic Force 2010 is a very simple story between two group - Humans and Psychiccers.

It is the year 2010, and the world is in chaos, particularly for Psychiccers.  Humans see them as a threat and
go all out to terminate them.  In order to protect themselves, Keith Evans, with the help of Richard Wong,
formed a Psychiccer fortress/group called Noa.  With Noa, Psychiccers are rescued from their torturous lives under humans,
but at the same time, they start to present themselves as an obvious threat. By forming Noa, they are sending themselves to a war against humans - it is as if they are openly forming an army.....


The year 2007 - Keith Evans (Psychiccer of ice)escapes from laboratory (operated by humans) in Alaska,
wanders into America somehow.
Burn Griffiths befriends him unknowingly, being the friendly guy he is.

They form an almost unbreakable friendship in the process of helping Keith get away from his pursuers who wants to capture him back to the laboratory - which is hell to him.

But Keith still got captured by his pursuers in the end....


2010 - Burn was in his search for Keith, bent on rescuing his friend no matter what it takes....when he sees on a public announcement screen the newly appointed Leader of Noa - Keith Evans.

Keith wanted to build a Psychiccer Utopia - a world where Psychiccers are safe from all humans, and if needed, are able to defend themselves against humans.  He strongly believes that due to the empathic abilities of Psychiccers (Psychiccers can read/feel another Psychiccer's mind), Humans can never live in harmony with Psychiccers.  (The lack of this 'power' in Humans)

Burn thinks it is a foolish dream -  a Psychiccer Utopia does not exist; true peace only exist if Psychiccers and Humans are able to co-exist.  The forming of Noa to him, is a declaration of war against Humans, thus will lead to much bloodshed between both parties.  With this belief that war is bad, Burn, with his awakened psychic ability - Flame, will 'cleanse' the world....(do I really have to quote Genma? :P)

This is the story of Psychic Force......

2012 - A new batch of Psychiccers come about, and Neo Noa is formed.  Keith remains leader, but is much quietened somehow, there is no more passion to fight; but his dream remains the same.....or has it? Or is he waiting for his best friend to awake from his slumber and kill himself?

Might - The main character of PF2012.

A Psychiccer Hunter from the future is send by Wong to the past to kill all Psychiccers.  Might himself is a Psychiccers,
and he will end up killing all related to him.........

There are 3 forces in Psychic Force 2 or Psychic force 2012, as you like.

There is the Neo Noa group, who follows in Keith's beliefs in uniting Psychiccers.

There is the Army, who pitches themselves against Neo Noa, run by Richard Wong.

Lastly, there is a group of people who do not belong anywhere, searching for their lost loved ones, or aimlessly going
around for answers, and will fight their way through all groups to find their answers.

So how's it?  Comprehensible?  It might not be very accurate, but the gist of the story's here.
(above: 'Puppy' Keith on the right and an old granny to the left...screencap from OAV)

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