- We guarantee you less infomation and lots of babblings!  Now isn't that original?  However, please do note that the information here are mainly our own opinion and thus, we strongly encourage you not to rely on our views of each character.

Oh, the nicknames are our way of calling the characters.

The pictures are taken from the PF OVA, so it doesn't belong to us.  The 2012 screencaps are from the ending of the 2012 game "Ai o Shizumeteru", (downloaded from a friend who probably got it from (which sadly, I can't access)
So this also doubly doesn't belong to us If the screencap isn't a 2012 picture(it's labelled 2012), they're from the OVA. Of course, screencaps of characters to be found only in the 2012 game are also from the above mentioned "Ai o Shizumeteru"

The below basic Profiles are extracted from Psychic Force 2 (aka the 2012 Playstation version) and after looking through so many faqs....You want faqs?  Go to and type in "psychic force" in the search box.

*click on name for shortcut*

-Those in Psychic Force 2010- 

Burn Grifffiths 
Keith Evans  
Gates Oltman 
Wendy Ryan 
Emilio Michaelov  
Genma Rokudo 
Brad Kilsten 
Richard Wong

-Those who only appear in 2012 -  
(or Psychic Force 2) 

Patty (Patricia) Myers 
Carlos Belford 
Regina Belford 
Genshin Kenjo 

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Burn Griffiths - aka Rooster Head

Basic Profile

Grandmaster of Fire  
Name : Burn Griffiths  
Group : Nothing  
Type : Middle weight  
Gender : Male  
Age : 20 (he's 18 in 2010) 
Voice seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu (OVA) 
(Koyasu Takehito  in the radio drama - I've a question, will it be like hearing Shingo from KOF?)
OVA opening - Burn
Our analysis: 

Basic stuff - 
He highlighted a streak of his hair between the age of 15 to 18. 
Therefore our conclusion - he learned to be an ah-beng during his 
journey in the search for refrigerator guy. (hint: read the chara profile of Keith to know more about refrigerator guy) 

Burn has two parents, which we assume to be in good health till the end of the story.  He sure looks like both of 'em - Has his father's hairstyle and his mother's features (and hair texture!)  His whole family has the same helpful attitude as Burn, including their family dog, Billy.  It's no wonder why Burn is always sooooo friendly... 

Above: Burn's dad and mom. 

Burn Griffiths 2012

Our comments on Burn in the game:  As we never played the 2010 version, we shan't talk 
about it.....(even though we'd love to)  In 2012, he's quite easy to get.  Just complete story 
mode, get Wong, complete arcade mode with all characters and he should appear. 
It's a bit time consuming, but it's worth it, since after getting Burn, the rest of the charas 
are easy to get. (Playstation version) (Hey!  Kurama hasn't gotten Brad yet!  Why so slow?!) 
(2 hours later....) 
(Kurama: I got him already!!  I missed out finishing Wong in the arcade mode only what....) 

Kurama: Lemme pass the mic over to Steph who uses Burn more than I do...
Steph:  Aiyo, his Fire VERI VERI powerful!!  I just luvvvvvvvvvvv his god phoenix!!
*Starts executing GOD PHOENIX and breaks Kurama's joystick in the process*

Kurama: But when it's Regina VS Burn, it looks really unfair...
*summons Suzaku and burns up Burn's God Phoenix and Steph in the process*

Steph"???  how come?  i thought i player only??

Kurama: I dunno.  Nevermind.  *looks at broken joystick....*
One side note.  Psychic Force isn't KOF, you don't have to twist your joystick so hard when
making moves......

Steph: see how DANGEROUS i am???

List of top five reasons to use Burn

5. Rooster head!  Just to see that hair of his!
4. Steph likes to bully regina  Regina VS Burn = master of fire VS grandmaster of fire. Looks fair?
3: Bully Keiko cos she uses Regina.
2. Keiko: MuahahahaHahahaHaHa~~ arh? i dunno... he looks powderful!!
1. Steph: Reminds me of dragonball, one of my faves in my younger years.
Just love to see God Phoenix VS Ice Dragon!! Vely vely pretty looking!  We also start
laughing since it makes us think of the OVA.

2YK's logic of this question : Keith and Burn - why are they so compatible?
Ans: One freezes the food to bring to a picnic, the other thaws and cooks it.

Keith Evans aka "Refridgerator Guy"
Basic Profile

Master of Ice  
Name : Keith Evans  
Group : Noa  
Type : Middle weight  
Gender : Male  
Age : 19 (he's 17 in 2010) 
 Voice seiyuu: Tsukui Kyousei 
(who also does Gates in the radio drama?! 
need to confirm this...can someone sell me the drama cd?! Or tell me where to get it(hard, I bet). @_@)
Our Analysis:
Let's have Kurama to explain since he uses Keith quite often.
Kurama: Okay, serious stuffs first - He's good to use.  Obvious reasons.^_^  His attacks are good-damage dealing stuff, but his preparation time is a little slow when it comes to projectiles (I think)  I like his defense!  makes up for all the slow projectiles!^_^  Frigid Shell is cool~!  Really useful if against long-range fighters since it absorbs the projectile attacks!  Since he's a near-range fighter, his defenses aid him to become a suitable fighter to use against all other 'ranges' of psychiccers...  Right.  Onto the babblings:-

REFRIGERATOR GUY!  Why fridge?  Read this fanfic - pffftttt

Steph:  Know why I like him?  Cos he's just so cool!!!(literally)
Keiko: ... The way he "Bwahahahaha"s when he see Burn?! Muahahaha!~ :P

Just a piccie we felt like plugging so that you won't 
fall asleep while reading all our babblings. :P 

Burn and Keith on the left.  They behave like a bunch of kids when put together. O_O 

Point to note - Keith was 14 and Burn was 15 at this point of time (year 2007 @_@)

Steph: huh?  He was laughing?  I thought he was choking on something.....fishbone maybe....
Kurama: Just gotta like him.  Besides, I need to blame the OVA for making me unable to ever
pronounce the name 'Keith' properly again.  He's got a nice voice seiyuu too...
(he's not too well known but he's gooood!)

Besides he sounds quite different as umm....'puppy Keith' and 'Noa Keith'.....
Top 5 reasons for liking Keith...  

5: Ice Cool.  The Clothes.  Looks spastic!  Hahahaha! 
4. He does look nice spastic as well.  No offense. 
3. Really! 
2. Steph:  ano?  Err......I just want a place to store my ice-cream........ 
1. KISSU!  Get out of the Fridge~!!! 
0. We get to boot him out of the fridge cos he always likes to hog it @@!!!!! 

Keith is also damn stubborn, even though he looks so naive at times.....@_@ 


Emilio Michaelov  -  aka Wai~! What a Cute little boy boy!~!!!aka Crybaby aka "How many
                                    times did Wong brainwash you?!"

Basic Profile

Master of Light 
Name : Emilio Michaelov 
Group : Army 
Type : Light weight 
Gender : Male 
Age : 16 (He was 14 in the 2010 episode, thus being 16 in 2012.)  
Voice seiyuu : Takayama Minami 
(pic: Young Emilio 2010, preparing an Archangel to protect Wendy....)
Our Analysis: 14 Yr-old(young) Emilio - the cutest character in PF!  A real little angel...
                      16 Yr-old Emilio - The most Psychotic looking character! (besides Setsuna?  Nope,
                      Emilio looks a bit more psychotic - Setsuna is probably more sadistic/proud than
                      psychotic) Your typical fallen angel...?
Why use Emilio to fight? 
Kurama: Speed.  Really good speed and good attacks.  The only character which can match his speed is probably Wendy (Wendy could be faster, depends on how good the player is :P) If you're not good at maneovers, or not that good at playing fighting games, Emilio won't disappoint you.  Really good to use whether you're a beginner, or an advanced player.  Sometimes, he's so good that I think he's an inbuilt cheating system. 

Why do we like Emilio? 
Why are fallen angels so popular?  (I do suppose looks plays a major part - 
angels are pretty, so when they're imperfect like us, we like it~!^_____^) 

Emilio-Archangel attack aka 
"big laser beam".
Psychotic Emilio in 2012, 16 years old!  Compare! 
He sure can grow fast!  Being the 168cm guy 
he is, he's taller than me...-_-  (Kurama here)
Steph:  Ahem, now we face the toughest question in the world!!  What is soooooooo likeable about our dear EMILIO???*sigh* Actually I think its the oh so beautiful WINGS!!!! 
Gourry:  That's my line!!!! *whips out Sword of Light* Hikari O!!!! 
Gourry is fried since the YK Pro. gang is too lazy to etch out a detailed fighting scene. 
(No offense, Slayers fans.  The YK Pro. love Slayers and Gourry to nuts. ^_^) 

Keiko: Shorter than me!  Bwakakaka!!

Top 10 Reasons to love Emilio

10 - He's so darn cute as a kid, so huggable and polite and gentle and sweet (that is, when he's not going gaga and bringing the ceiling down with his screaming)
9 - Takayama Minami does his voice!
8 - You don't know who this voice actress is?  That singer from Two-Mix!  Conan from Meitantei Conan!  Mukuro from Yu Yu Hakusho! Nabiki Tendo in Ranma 1/2! Um...Taijyouroukun in some Houshin Engi game!
7 - She is a good psychotic laugher.  Really good.
6 - The laughing for Emilio.  Well done Takayama Minami-san! (applause)  Psychotic enough!^_^
5 - Ano?  I recall that I saw him in the mental hospital one day.  He was just right beside me!! muahahaha, and I was beside BRAD during therapy session.muahahahahaha....hey, wait, that means I AM insane????  Nononono........I didn't see them.....(to avoid further confusion, this is STEF here, talking rubbish!!!  Nono, reporting live on the YK network!!!!  Apply now for the network cable, to listen to more of my rantings......kakakakaka...muahahahahaha)
4.  Green hair!!!!!
3.  Gorgeous VIOLET eyes!!!!!
2.  The outfit!!!!  Atrociously fits his eyes and hair!!!!!!!
1  .Good figure!!!  The ULTIMATE CLINCHER!!  Goes with the hair, the eyes and the WINGS!!(By the way, this is Steph again:P)

Kurama: So, anyone wants to kidnap Emilio now? :P
Steph: *included in package since she is tightly clinging to Emilio, by the neck!!!*
Emilio: I.....can't......breathe.......*dies*
Keiko: Muahahahahha!!
Steph:  *Gives Keiko High Five!!* Yah!!!  We killed him!!!!
Kurama: Let me take all my words back on Emilio being psychotic and sadistic.

Keiko and Stef: *creepy look* Oi. 
*Kurama sweatdrops* 

(Umm....I think we teased Emilio too much... 
Now he's sulking away in the pic on the right...) 

Pic on the right: Emilio alone, in the debris, after his mom tried to kill him...(sounds like Miyu to me)


Sonia  - aka Chris Ryan(so everyone knows...) aka "I can sit on a telephone pole wire, you can't!" aka "I will protect Kissu-samaaaaa!"

Basic Profile:

Master of Electricity  
Name : Sonia aka Chris Ryan  
Group : Noa  
Type : Light weight  
Gender : Female  
Age : 19 (she's 17 in 2010) That's the age of 
- Chris Ryan, that is, not Sonia the 'cyborg-like' girl)  
Voice seiyuu : Shiraishi Ayako
Our analysis:
Kurama: Sonia's more or less is just the same as Might...Similar or even the same attacks, I believe they are more of close-range fighters.  I suppose Sonia VS Might would be like Burn VS Regina.  Unfair......
Sonia's one of the few girls in 2010, besides Wendy.  ^-^  Her shoes reminds me of an elf's/sprite's.
Steph: She has a KEITH COMPLEX!!!  *Sob* 
Poor me has no chance to get near Keith......*sigh*  She'll electrocute me. 

Pic on the right: Sonia getting electrocuted herself....? 
Our interpretation: Sonia tries to electrocute Steph. 

Kurama: *buys popcorn and watches and does nothing to help Steph...* point to note is that she's probably forever 17 (since she's something like a cyborg) .^___^  Lucky Keith.

 Well, for the top 5 reasons to like Sonia -

5. Her nice blue hair....
4. Goes with her clothes....very fitting for her...
3. The shoes!  SO cute~!
2. Go bish up Might, lady!!
1. I ran out of batteries for my Cd player and Setsuna also ran out of batteries.....
0. I'll just have to tie her to my battery charger for free electricity.

Wendy Ryan  - aka "Windy" aka "Look at her leggings!"

Basic Profile

Master of Wind 
Name : Wendy Ryan 
Group : Nothing 
Type : Light weight 
Gender : Female 
Age : 17  (15 in 2010) 
Voice seiyuu : Hikami Kyoko
Our analysis:
Kurama:  Good to use for speed, better than Emilio if you know how to use her.  A really powerful fighter if you know how to use her. ^-^  Long range attacking is her forte, so keep her at a distance from the opponent and there shouldn't be any problem.
I believe Wendy has never seen her sister before, or somehow got separated from her sister when she was really young..... 
Wendy~!!!!  You sister is right BESIDE you!!!  Sonia!  Get your brain working, where are your brain cells?!  Oh nevermind.  It's more fun to leave 'em that way :P 

Steph:  *Sigh*  I just can't seem to be able to use her to thrash MIGHT!! 

Kurama:  She keeps thrashing my Emilio~!!! 

Left: Wendy in 2012 game ending.  I like her 2012 costime more...(17 years old in 2012)

Oh well...5 top uses for Wendy

5: Natural Windmill/Fan/Air-cooler.  Enough said.
4: A good furniture mover.  See how she just dumps everything on people! (what's the name of that attack?  The one she throws things at ppl?)
3: She throws things at people....heavy things....wait, reminds me of Gudeath.....creepy...
2. She has a cool sister.
1. People who use her always thrashes my Emilio. (Kurama)
0. She kills Emilio in the 2012 game!!!!!!! (If you use her in story mode)

Steph: *Creeps away with a microwave oven which Wendy has forgotten to use in her attack* 

Wendy: "No you don't!!"  Wind Cresent! 

Wendy misses Steph by an inch! 
And the projectile hits Kurama who was getting dizzy looking at her leggings!! *ohh...the red and yellow stripes....* 

Kurama: Oro......O_o......


Gates Oltman  - aka "Robocop" aka "Terminator no. 5" aka "Family Guy" aka "I don't run out
                        of  batteries"

Basic Profile:

Name : Gates Oltman (also called 'alpha' by NOA) 
Group : Noa 
Type : Heavy weight 
Gender : Male  
Age : 39   
Voice seiyuu : Tsukui Kyousei (radio drama...O_o)
Our analysis:
Kurama:  Every game's got to have a bit, mechanical-like character around, I guess?  He's not exactly attractive/appealing to use at first.  But his story is sure one of the sweetest.  He makes a good traffic policeman.  That's one thing I'm sure of.

Gates in the game is a little slow, but his attacks are strong, even his normal light projectile is good to use.  But because of his bulk...I mean speed, he's not very popular for usage(for me).
Mid-range fighting is good for him, I guess.  Got a couple of really neat close-range attacks too.

Steph:  *Sniff*  He suffered from memory loss for I think the 102th time already.....

He looks like he had a pretty wife and a cute daughter.
Kurama: Can I have those sunglasses?  Cool-looking......@_@  People can tell I mean stuff when red words start to flash on my sunglasses....
Five Reasons to like him... (yes, he's quite lovable, actually.) 

5. Actually, his design is really funny.  What's with the 2 guns on his chest?!?!  L 
ooks like a metallic piece of a bikini suit to me...Oh, retractable too. 
4. I liked Robocop... 
3. He doesn't run out of batteries like the others.... 
2. In fact, he never runs out of ammo! 
1. I wouldn't mind him as my friendly neighbourhood Traffic Policeman.... 

Gates' backview, 2012

Genma Rokudo  - aka "Come out and say a few lines califare" aka "Why must he morph into
                            BURN?!?! *in the OVA, okay, so it was just a eyeline match...* aka "Rabbit Ears!!!!"

Basic Profile:

Magic user 
Name :  Genma Rokudo/Rikudo/whatever 
Group : Nothing 
Type : Heavy weight 
Gender : Male 
Age : 53 
Voice seiyuu : Akimoto Yousuke 
"Oops.  I forgot to take a screencap of him when  
I had the VCD version of PF OVA in my hands... 
Sumanai....." - Kurama
Our analysis:  Put him side by side with Genshin and see the similarity!
That's probably the end of our comments!!

Actually, simply put it, he's stubborn lah, his attacks are magic-based, wards, stuff....we don't really know how he operates.....but I assume he's good for mid-range fighting since like Genshin, his attacks can be long-range or mid-range....

Steph: .....................
Kurama: Steph has nothing to say because she actually forgot who the heck Genma is even though I've him in the game for such a long time.
Steph: That's cos I'm too engrossed with Emilio and Burn.
Kurama: .............................................okay.   Oh, one thing to say.  He's got a cool head-gear.^_^  The scarf looks like rabbit ears!

Brad Kilsten aka "Steph's Gackt" aka "I want to see you arrange flowers!!"

Basic Profile:

"I need more piccies" - Kurama
Master of Gravity 
Name : Brad Kilsten (or is it sometimes spelt as Kirsten?) 
Group : Noa 
Type : Light weight 
Gender : Male 
Age : 24 in 2010 (so he's 26 in the year 2012) 
Voice seiyuu : Nakao Ryuusei 
Our analysis:  Another user of Gravity (beside Gudeath), Kurama thinks his attacks are prettier.  Does it have anything to do with years of flower arranging? ^_^
Attack-wise, he's best used as a mid-range or close range fighter.
Anyways, I got Brad just a while ago, and we saw his "mega-pressure" attack for the first time...
Kurama:  It looks like a snake!
Steph: No!  It's a dragon!
Kurama: Dragon taken up by Keith already!  So must be snake!
Steph: Keith??  That silly refrigerator guy??  Don't care about him lah, where got booking wan...

*after a few hours of research on Brad*

Conclusion:  It's a serpent.

Kurama: That's a....dragon-like snake...
Steph: No, it's a snake-like dragon...

~~And so it goes on and on.....melodies of life....come...*BISH!*  Shaddup!

End intermission.

Kurama: I saw him in Digiko's costume in a fanart!  (It's from a Japanese website but I lost the URL...-_-)  It seems that people often portray him as a really cute or a pathetic character....
Well, Brad suffers from a serious case of split personalities.

Steph: I mean real serious.  Normal Brad = Potential flower shop assisant

Senario 1, act one: In Steph's imaginary flower shop...

Steph:  Hey Brad, go water those roses, won't ya?  Now that's a good boy... 
Brad:  Turns into split personality cold blooded guy... 
Steph:...opppppssssss, maybe I pushed him over the limit... 
but hey, for goodness sake, I just asked him to water some roses 
only what... 
Brad: I'm from Schwartz!! Not Weiss!!!! I don't own a flower shop! *note: he's got the 
same voice seiyuu as Farfello from Weiss Kreuz, and Farfello is 
some psychotic killer (too)...............* 
Steph:   Gosh, I liked him the moment I saw him in the OVA.  Know why?  Cos he is "almost" as psychotic as me.....muahahahaha

Kurama: Okay......let's move on to the top 5 reasons why we like him before Steph falls asleep!

Top 5 reasons to like Brad:

5. Those crazy strands of white thread he calls hair
4. Red eyes?  Is that natural or is it from the utter lack of sleep? Maybe wrong eyedrops?
    Brad: No!  I use contact lenses!
3. Those clothes... so cool!!!
2. Steph thinks he looks like Gackt. (Gakuto Camui) Kurama can't think how for the life of him why
    Steph can actually think like that.
1. I wanna see him frolick among flowers~!!! Bwahahaha!!!
0. Repeat the above 5 reasons 10000001x

Richard Wong aka "Do you use coconut oil for your hair?" aka "mi1 mi1 yan3 (eyes in one line)*
                       aka "Time machine-man"

Basic Profile:

Master of Time  
Name : Richard Wong  
Group : Army  
Type : Middle weight  
Gender : Male  
Age : 36  
Voice seiyuu : Madono Mitsuaki 
Pic to the right: Wong taunting Sonia with a evil smile....
 Our analysis: 

Kurama: A definite close-range fighter.  He can be really a loser when pit against a character who's long-range and stays far far away.... 
But well, if you know how to use his teleportation stuff as defense and for travelling, I think he's making quite a good fighter.  Stick close to your opponent when using him. ^_^ 
Oh, and his "stick ten-swords in you" attack is cool....... 
But his attack in the OAV beginning looked so lame....the sword looked more like a toy sword somehow because it looked too cute and short to be a cool-looking sword. ...Nevermind... 

Left: Keith in foreground, Wong in background 2012.^_^

Okay....I'm always wondering if he slicks his hair with gel or coconut oil or something.  He's got a haircut in the end(courtesy of Brad) so I'm wondering if he ever grew his hair back.....?  A strategist, Wong prefers to control the situation behind the scene.

Note: Kurama still can't stop laughing over the fanart which Wong was Rabi-en-Rose (Digicharat) complete with glasses and leg-hair...

I wonder if he gets eye-cramps from smiling too much like this....
So, let's think of 5 good reasons to give Wong some credit.

5.  Everyone loves to make fun of this oh-so-serious villain!  Japanese artists do it!  So can we!!
4.  Wong, can you permanently stop time for Setsuna when he's fully charged so that I can use him
      as a battery for my car and he won't deplete?
3.  I like his clothes!  It's so elegant and grand looking!  A bit cheesy, but still nice!  One look and
     you can tell he's a villain with class AND MONEY!
2.  He's the one who got Keith into that silly blue costume in the OVA! (He formed Noa and
     appointed Keith leader)
1.  He keeps annoying Sonia's like a dog irritating a cat off. Wait, I think he's the cat and
     Sonia's the dog, so it's the cat irritating the dog.
0.  He's a polite villain~!!  He uses 'Watashi'!!!  Hwahahaha!  Sure speaks like a polite
     businessman!  Heck, how come we never know what kind of business he's into!?!

Might (Might Myers?) - aka "Unfillial Son" aka "M^2" aka "M and Ms aka Meatball"
                                           ( for thought, anyone?)

Basic Profile:
Master of Lightning  
Name : Might  
Group : Nothing  
Type : Light weight  
Gender : Male  
Age: 16 
Voice seiyuu : Midorikawa Hikaru 

Left: Might and his goggles, from the 2012 game ending, of course, 
he's a 2012 character.^_^

Our analysis:
Kurama:  Might is basically good as a close range fighter.  No doubt about it.  Easy combos make him easy to use too in the beginning, but after a while, we discover other more fun to use characters with more powerful moves...but one of my faves is that he can pull the opponent to him and whack....^_^

Oh, he's got big red hair.......

Spoilers below!  We don't care!
Right: 2 screencaps combined.^_^  Might looking up into the sky...leading to the next screencap below. 

Might Myers....why Myers?  Because we thought it appropriate 
as he is considered Patty Myer's son.  And we don't know the 
father though.  Who leh?  Don't tell me Wong har.  (You'll never know though) 
Specifically, Might is a clone of Patty's son, whom he calls the 'True Might'. 
Hmm.....wondering around for some time, the possibilities of Might's father is really wide.... 
There were speculations and guesses like Setsuna, Might himself, or someone 
not in the story) 

Okay dokey....time for the top 5 reasons why Might is so huggable! 

Steph: He is? 

Kurama: Nevermind. 

Steph:  *Tries to hug Might**Steph gets electrocuted and turns to stone* 

Top 5 reasons to like Might  

5. Midorikawa Hikaru does his voice.  Therefore Might sounds and acts so spastic. 
4.  Spastic people can be cool.  Law # 467 of game and anime characters. 
3. The hair!  He's electrocuted!  Where the heck did he inherit his hair from?! 
2. He's got a pretty mom..... 
1. You call all of the above reasons?! 
0.  Yup. 

Patricia (Patty) Myers - aka "A mom searching for her mom" aka "what's with the motherly theme
                                          in PF2?" aka "Unfillial son's mother"

Basic Profile:
Master of Tone 
Name: Patricia Myers (people call her 'Patty') 
Group: Nothing 
Type: Light-weight 
Gender: Female 
Age: 15 
Voice seiyuu : Kumai Motoko 
Our analysis: Kurama thinks Patty is a little complicated to use at first, because her attacks are not very direct-attack-based, if you know what he means....anyways.....
Kurama: If you can use Patty well, she's got a strong defense system, probably better than Keith's, and she should be a good fighter.  I'm not a Patty-user but I've something to say - her attacks are pretty.....

Whoever did she get married(or whatevers?!) to?!?!  Someone tell me~!  Or is it never stated?
Does Might's dad look like Might?!
So many Questions?!?!
^____^  Okay dokey.

Patricia or Patty, as everyone calls her, is in search for her own mother.  Patty loves to sing, but this power to sing also is a power to kill...

So Patricia Myers got married to some guy in her later life, had a son called Might.  Oh wait.  She doesn't need to get married to have Might.  Or maybe she doesn't even have to get pregnant!  Maybe Might was just cloned from her?  Or ?  Wll, this is never mentioned, so we can never be too firm about anything.^_^

Wong kidnapped Might or something and cloned him, then sent the clone back to the year 2012.  The cloned Might became brainwashed into becoming a Psychiccer Hunter, who kills any Psychiccer he comes along...but he gets hit by a feeling of deja vu after he kills Patty...
Before he really started killing, he got acquainted with Patty and they got along really well.  He tried to help her find her  mother, in fact; ironically he never knew about his own parents and family, but doesn't really question it..  But...Might had to kill Patty in the end, and it led to his own demise....(story of 2012)

Kurama: Patty looks like some kind of really tame schoolgirl to me, her looks are honestly quite plain and didn't strike me as much in the beginning....but her story with Might is really touching.  I'd like to see 'em interact, but they don't really show you in the game.  Maybe if only they'll come up with another OVA, but I doubt it.

Okay, babble something, Keiko.

Keiko:*Burururururu* u asked me to babble~~ kekeke >:PP

Kurama: You can never make any sense, Keiko.

Keiko: then you know >:D

Kurama: No one wants to help me write today....everyone's too lazy.....

Setsuna  - aka 'Batteries not Included'

Basic profile:
Master of Darkness 
Name : Setsuna 
Group : Army 
Type : Middle weight 
Gender : Male 
Age : 27 
Voice Seiyuu : Sakai Tetsuya
Our Analysis:  First things first.  Why do we call him Batteries not Included?  In the story, he runs out of batteries, that's why.  The first thing that hit me(Kurama) is the cute little spaceships from the film of the same name - (and that oh-so-poor-little spaceship baby which was born flat *no batteries*)

Setsuna as a fighter: Good to use!  His final attack (which turns the whole area dark) is really sooo useful and fun^__^  One of my all time favourites to watch.  A bit slow though, in some of his attacks.  But nevetheless quite a good midrange-range fighter lah.  (we see him as midrange...)

Steph:   Muahahahaha.......when he uses his final attack(which turns everthing into HIS territory), I just love to see defenceless little Emilio get whacked!!!!  KAkeke!

Kurama: Actually, more than often, this attack by Setsuna can be quite easily defended against (Setsuna ambushing ppl in the dark) I often kick Setsuna's butt when he uses it quite ruins his image...*big sweatdrop*

Top 5 reasons to hate Setsuna

5.  Dumb blond?  Not to mention he didn't pack any back-up batteries on him.
4.  Wahhhh!!! Because he didn't get admitted into the mental hospital together with me!!  The staff rejected him cos he didn't have enough battery power  to go to his own ward!!  I hate him......:P(Okay, this is Steph again, in this case, I think that I mean he is not pyshcotic)
3. He's too stuck-up.
2.  He's supposed to be a bad guy who goes against Noa, betrays Army, blah.
1. Why did his darn batteries have to run out?!?!

To prove that none of us hate Setsuna, here's 5 reasons to love him.^_^  (Yup!  YK Pro. gang hates no one, loves everyone!)

Top 5 reasons to love Setsuna

5. Precisely the fact he's a (dumb) blond!
4. Cool clothes!!  Trenchcoat!!!  Who's the !$% Designer!?!?! (notice that the symbols represent a good word which we are unable to express out due to our limited vocabulary)
3.  He didn't get spare batteries, but it's soooo cute of him to show us how exactly his batteries goes flat~!  Oooo.....bad ending for him, but for a 'puppet', he's cool :D
2. He's a tad sadistic. (not as sadistic as some other characters, but well)
1. Kurama thinks he's a good guy.
0. Huh???  That settles number 1?   Okay, I love to BULLY him!  Hahahaha! <- Steph talking

Morale of Setsuna's story:  Always bring spare batteries.  And go for battery-capacity checkups everyday.....
Morale learnt from Setsuna's story:  Can we use him as a battery for our CD player?

Carlo and Regina Belford  -  aka "You killed my sister!" and "You killed my brother!"

Basic Profile:

Regina on the left, Carlo on the right
Master of Fire   
Name : Regina Belfrond  
Group : Noa  
Type : Middle weight  
Gender : Female  
Age : 22 
Voice seiyuu : Fukushima Orine
Master of Water  
Name : Carlo Belfrond  
Group : Noa  
Type : Middle weight  
Gender : Male  
Age : 24 
Voice seiyuu : Nakamura Daiki 
Our Analysis: Carlo uses Water.  Good for long range.  Very straight, direct attacks, IMHO.  Strong attacks, but a bit his attacks reflect his personality.
Regina uses fire, that makes her a hot babe. :P  Why do we get to see her butt so often in the game? Not that I mind.....^___^

Creepy voice: Carlo's voice is Owaru from Souryuden......

Steph: Regina's attacks are a bit scattered.  It kinds of deviates from the path you want it to go:P See, brother too straight, sister too off track...*sigh*
Kurama: Perfect siblings.  Both of them have brother/sister complex....@_@
*whips out a mic*  Since Keiko is a Regina user, let's have her say a few lines.....

Keiko: Muahaha, I have nothing to say!
Steph:  *Slams a sofa on Keiko* Say something about Regina!!!
Keiko: *Faints*
Steph:  *Drags Keiko away and stuffs her into the microwave oven*
Kurama: *pretends not to notice....*  I don't know them....
Steph: *Sniff*  I didn't know Kurama was so heartless....hey, wait, who's the one heartless here....muahahaha

Fashion tips of the day!
Carlo doesn't have any fashion sense.  He gave it all to someone else, Like Keith.  Probably got brainwashed by Keith when he joined Noa...heheheh.... (Keith has great fashion sense in 2012!!!)
Regina?  Well, nice dress, wonderful cleavage......but her good taste of fashion and looks doesn't help her in the game.  No matter whose story you play, even Regina's own story, She will stillllll mati.<- Malay word for 'die' lah.  Whatta pity.....but her brain the same as her brother, very straight one.

Keiko: Eh? What happened to me? *-*

Gudeath aka "Don't throw rocks at me!" aka "Cross-scar on the head" aka "You're as evil as

Basic Profile:
Master of Gravity 
Name : Gudeath 
Group : Army 
Type : Heavy weight 
Gender : Male 
Age : 33 
Voice seiyuu : Ohtomo Ryuuzaburou 
Our analysis:

Kurama: From what I see, Gudeath is a very 'carefree' person, he doesn't really care what he does, or kind of, being in the Army doesn't bother him one bit.  All he wants is to find strong opponents to fight with, etcetc, your typical 'want to be stronger' character.
He's good friends with Setsuna since they belong to the same group, but Setsuna is a little different, he wants to rid Wong take over the Army.  Other than that, both of them are about the same bandwidth.  They kill other psychiccers like flies, so I guess that's how they can get along. ^-^
Left: here's the pic I took the above piccie from.^_^ 
Setsuna on the left, Gudeath on the right.  They are 'assumed' to be rather good friends. 

Okay.  Gudeath uses Gravity, so using Gudeath is similar to using Brad, since they have a few attacks in common.  Gudeath is good for close and mid-range combat, not very handy for far-range.  Mostly close ranges.  He's got a few good moves when in close combat, so I'd say, stick close to your opponent if you want to use 'im. ^_^  I don't use him a lot, but that's what I gather from just those few times of using him.  He's not very slow actually, taking his size into account.  So he's a rather powerful character too if someone knows how to use him. 

Keiko and Steph refuses to write anything now, since Steph is down with flu and Keiko just came home tired.....
Here's some space for you to help us babble....

Babble space:


<please take a marker and write on your computer screen babblings here>


Okay.  I was just joking...

Genshin Kenjo aka "Big Eyebrows" aka "Genma's relative"
Basic Profile:
Magic User 
Name : Genshin Kenjo/Kanjo? 
Group : Nothing 
Type  : Light weight 
Gender : Male 
Age : 82 
Voice seiyuu :  Ito Hiroshi 
Our analysis:

The oldest psychiccer alive, he must have lived through a lot....
But he's too darn stereotypical. -_-...assuming that all psychiccers are evil, he goes out to terminates them, like Genma.  Unlike Genma, he's got a mission as well - to save Shiori, a young girl who is more or less the guardian of Shadow Plateau, his homeland.  Shiori, the young girl was captured by Wong.  After defeating Wong, Genshin will sacrifice his life to bring Shiori back to consciousness.  This act somehow redeems him, and makes me have more empathy for him.  It's tough to change your mindset when you get old, and the young ones always matter more than the older ones...*sigh*

Oh-oh.  Kurama feels old again.
Okay, he's fairly good to use, honestly, since he's a 
magic user and not a psychiccer, he can be more tough to deal with. 
He's also got a whole chain of combos, which I never got around 
doing it due to my inability to twist the joystick. 
(which is also why I cannot play KOF properly)..... 

But the appeal goes to other (younger) psychiccers since he's getting on his age. 

Well, let's give 5 reasons to be nice to Genshin

5. He goes 'Shiori-sama!!!!"  He's old, but he's polite, and he's going all the way out for Shiori.  So
4. His tacky eyebrows.  Against the backdrop of the large red moon.  Need I say more?
3. Eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows...
2. long white eyebrows.... (Hey, I LIKE the eyebrows! )
1. really long white eyebrows..................................

Wow, it's the end already?
You managed to read till here?  Congratulations!!!
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Burn: Damn you, Keith!  Why can't you just admit I can make ice-cream better than you?!

Keith: You don't understand!  Only with the united force of psychiccers around can we form a true ice-cream utopia where everyone can make their own ice-cream without having to buy licenses!
Only then can we make even better ice-cream!

Burn: You are so silly!  What good does that do?  You have to see the whole situation!  The prices of ice-cream will go down, the stock market will collapse, you will start war!

Keith: No, I can start a whole chain of refrigerator companies!

Burn: .........%!^&^!~@#!@

Warning: Kurama is on a sugar high after eating too many chocolate ice-cream...