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Warning: this page's general PF info is not to be taken too seriously.
The information is also not to be trusted as it is loosely compiled from other sites,
from the OAV, the PS version of PF2, and 3 twisted minds.

Here's our current menu rundown:
BRIEF INTRODUCTION   - a brief overview on the story    
                                                                   of Psychic Force as well as a short   
                                                                    list of PF products available.   
PSYCHIC FORCE 2012 - the 2012 game section.    
                                                             Story, endings, dialogue, and screencaps for each   
                                                              character. (under construction!)  

CHARACTERS - surface information and in-depth babblings on the           
                                             characters in Psychic Force, both 2010 and 2012.   
OAV  - Information about the PF Original Animation Video    
-Guest  Interested in submitting?   

Latest: Enquete 3 is up 

MESSAGEBOARD  - chat, mail, contact,etc. 
LINKS - Psychic Force-related Links and how to link to us. 

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Updated: 16 May 2002
Enquete 3 is up -  a simple quizlet.^_^
Take a sec to vote!
Enquete 2 results are up too.(9am)
Renovated the art sections to make it tidier....sorry to all those who preferred navigating with thumbnails!  Also changed the fonts to standard fonts so that people who don't have the fonts-reader can still navigate easily.
I went through the links and those which are down will be labelled as such.
Sad that some of the lovely PF sites out there are taken down, closed, removed, moved to somewhere I don't know or something...but there are more new ones now as well. ^_~  Now don't anyone complain to me about my links page, I spent a lot of days doing it and to upkeep it is difficult - I've to check through each and every link once in a while and it takes time.
Yes, updating this site is a quite a pain (though a joyful pain, unless someone flames me, in which I will kill the person...don't try me.)
Especially when I've other sites to maintain and update as well...
Right.  Now to update my main pages....-_-; And it's 7 in the morning.  Spent the whole night checking through the site >_<

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On the right : Young Emilio in the PF OAV opening using Archangel™. ^-^
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This page was created in January 2001.

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We have no intention of putting any watermarks or funny little logos on the screencaps, so
just credit us for the screencapturing work at least if you want to take/use any of these
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Psychic Force OVA, and anything to do with Psychic Force and the characters and story
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